How to Stage a Home for a Showing or Open House from a Leading Aspen Realtor

Engel Lansburgh Team December 13, 2022

How to Stage a Home for a Showing or Open House from a Leading Aspen Realtor
When selling your home, the little details matter. There are several ways to make your home feel open, clean, and welcoming, and will increase your chances of selling for top-dollar. Most importantly, you want to team up with a top-tier local real estate agent who knows what will attract buyers in the area. Your agent can give you some tried-and-true ideas to successfully prepare your home for sale in the Aspen real estate market.

Read on for several expert tips from the Engel Lansburgh Team on how to stage your home for success when it's time to sell.

Set up a clutter-free space

When staging a home, it is essential to make sure that the property is free of clutter, as extraneous items littered around only make a room feel smaller than it truly is. Decluttering also involves removing personal photos and other memorabilia from the home, as these items are distracting to prospective buyers. After all, you want buyers to be able to envision themselves making your home their own rather than constantly reminding them of your presence.

You can start by

  • Removing all unnecessary or bulky furniture and clutter from the main living areas of your home.
  • Removing any miscellaneous items that seem out of place or distracting.
  • Removing personal items like photos, refrigerator magnets, and sports trophies.
  • Storing away any accessories in closets or cabinets. Make sure to neatly organize storage spaces and remove clutter from these areas, as buyers will likely look inside them.

Create a squeaky clean home

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You want your Aspen home to look its very best from top to bottom, inside and out. So, bring out the vacuum and the mop, and be ready to make your home sparkle. Leave no shelf or ceiling fan undusted. Clean all surfaces, inside cabinets and drawers, around the sink and stove, and anywhere else. It is important to pay attention to every square inch, because your first impressions are everything for prospective buyers.

Here are some quick tips for cleaning and tidying the home so that it is ready for viewers:

  • Clean the floors thoroughly, removing any dirt or debris from underneath tables and chairs. Make sure there is not a trace of pet hair anywhere.
  • Remove any clutter from shelves and windowsills so potential buyers can see their potential view without obstruction. 
  • Clean light fixtures, lamps, and ceiling fans. Make sure to remove any cobwebs. Be sure any lamp cords are safely tucked away to prevent tripping.

Perform repairs

Conducting a pre-listing inspection is a great way to get ahead of any necessary repairs that would otherwise be revealed during the buyer’s inspection of your Aspen home. You want your buyer to feel confident that you have taken excellent care of your property, so if you are willing to go the extra mile this can work to your advantage. The inspection will reveal any areas of concern so that you can address them ahead of time.

Also, perform any repairs that you’ve been putting off, and make sure to have mechanicals and other systems serviced. For example, all fixtures should be in working condition and clean. Any rusted fixtures in the bathroom should be repaired so that the space appears shiny and new.

Up the ante of the curb appeal

The first thing viewers see is the exterior of the home, and curb appeal can make a huge difference in whether buyers continue their tour past the front steps. You want to showcase all of your home’s beauty, inside and out.

First, you will want to clean the front of your home thoroughly. Ensure that the yard is well-maintained and that the lawn, gardens, and landscaping are in top shape. If you have a patio or balcony, be sure to clean up any debris from the area.

Replace or repair any broken fixtures, such as gutters or handrails, so they look like new again. Make sure the windows are sparkling clean. Consider removing heavy window treatments so that the space will feel more open and give prospective buyers a better view of the gorgeous surroundings.

Freshen up the space

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To bring new life and vitality to your home, it’s ideal to freshen up any tired-looking spaces. Adding a fresh coat of paint is a great way to bring a sense of vibrancy and light to any room. Add new, white, hotel-style bedding to the bedrooms so that the rooms pop for photos and showings.

If possible, remove dated wall art and wallpaper. If you have a piece of art or wallpaper that is not in style or feels too distracting, it is time to replace it with something more modern. Go for a neutral color scheme with soft tones like gray, beige, or white so the space looks clean and fresh. Decorate with colorful accessories, but don’t overburden the area. Use brightly colored accents like pillows and throw blankets to add some character to the room.

Also, make sure your home smells good. Air out the house by opening the windows and removing any remnants of pet dander or fur. People have a good sense of smell, so make sure you are not leaving behind any lingering odors from cooking or pets before your showing. Try scented candles, flowers, or potpourri.


You want to take advantage of natural light in your home as much as possible, as this creates an open, welcoming space where buyers feel comfortable. Artificial lighting is another excellent choice. Depending on your aesthetic preference and the type of room you are staging, there are many options for lighting that can create a warm environment. Dimmers and LED lights can also let you set moods throughout various rooms without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Similarly, when choosing bulbs and fixtures for both indoor and outdoor spaces, opt for warm hues like taupe or gold rather than stark white ones; they'll soften up the look of your space while still letting enough light through. You can also mix up lamps with overhead lights so that there is variety throughout each room. Trying different combinations of lighting elements gives rooms more character, so seek out accessories like table lamps to set beside beds or floor lamps next to couches or chairs.

First impressions always matter when a buyer enters your Aspen home for the first time (this goes for Snowmass, Basalt, Carbondale or anywhere in the Roaring Fork Valley). Contact the Engel Lansburgh Team to see how we can help advise on the best way to stage your beautiful property for sale.

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