2023 Tax Assessments Are Out: You Can Protest Your Property Value Until June 8th

Engel Lansburgh Team  |  May 11, 2023

2023 Tax Assessments Are Out: You Can Protest Your Property Value Until June 8th


New 2023 Tax Assessments Are Out!

You Have the Right to Protest Your Property Value Until June 8th

If you are a property owner you should have received a Notice of Value for your property from the assessor. If you disagree with the Pitkin County assessed value, you may protest by June 8. The same protest is possible for Eagle & Garfield Counties. We are here as a resource if you need help establishing and understanding your property's value, and determining next steps. Please see below for helpful tips, resources & deadlines:
  • Click Here for link to Pitkin County Assessor Appeal Guide, where you can find additional links to Comparables used by the Assessor, Protest Forms, &  FAQ's. Appeal may be done by email, mail or in-person appointment.
  • In Pitkin County, the appraisal data used to establish property values was from 01/01/2021 to 06/30/2022.
  • Click Here for link to Eagle County Assessor Appeal Guide, comparable sales data & more info. Appeal may be done via electronic form available on the website or by mail.
  • In Eagle County, the appraisal data used to establish property values was from 06/30/2020 to 06/30/2022.
  • ​Protests should include evaluation of market comps provided by the Assessor, and info on other relevant properties that may not be listed as comps, including details that were not considered on your property or surrounding properties in terms of value, age, classification of quality, updates, etc.
  • ​Looking for professional appeal help? Contact us for attorney recommendations.
Pitkin County Assessor Appeals
Eagle County Assessor Appeals

Summer 2023 Aspen Real Estate Market

What to Expect for the Market and the Summer Ahead

Enjoyable Summer Activities in Aspen: A huge winter for snowfall brings a green and wildflower filled summer ahead in Aspen and the whole Roaring Fork Valley. Expect amazing outdoor activities, farmer's markets, cultural and intellectual events.
Continued Limited Inventory Market-Wide: Although real estate inventory has increased since 2020-2022, it still remains limited throughout Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt, Carbondale and beyond. Although demand has declined from the height of the Covid frenzy, it’s still amazingly strong.
Buyers Paying Premiums for Special Properties: The increase in pricing in the resort market has opened up opportunities further down the valley in the Basalt, Carbondale and Missouri Heights markets.
Aspen Properties Priced for the Market Will Continue to Sell: On the flipside, if a property is priced way off the market, buyers are holding back.
Aspen Owners Remembering Why They Came for the Winter and Stayed for the Summer: Summer is always glorious, and so many areas of the country are hot in temperature, so people come year after year and often stay for months or the whole summer.
Strong Interest in Midvalley & Downvalley Markets (Basalt, Carbondale, the Crystal Valley & Beyond): We continue to see an influx of buyers, with much interest in Basalt single family homes for sale and Carbondale homes for sale coming from other areas of the country.
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